Gina & Natalia

This duo created the first piece that sparked Stellar Snacks’ packaging concept and the Stellar Artist Program. Gina Galvin (yes, that Gina – the co-founder of Stellar Snacks!) and Natalia Gamba met long ago at college in Los Angeles, CA and quickly became best friends. 

Natalia grew up in Northern California wine country. She is a digital creator, artist, and lover of all things wine. Combining these passions, Natalia and her sister created a wine inspired blog, You Had Me At Bordeaux, where they explore the world of wine in a creative, approachable way! 

Gina’s artistic focus is curation, but in their spare time you’ll find them painting, printmaking or doodling in their notebook. Years later, Gina and Natalia’s friendship endures and so does the Stellar Artist Program. 

The vibrant finger painting they made in college is featured on Simply Stellar and serves as a reminder of the roots of the brand’s purpose. 


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This duo created the first piece that sparked Stellar Snacks’ packaging concept and the the Stellar Artist Program. Gina Galvin (yes, that Gina – the...
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